quill18creates is creating Game Programming Tutorials for Unity

$10 /mo
Credit Where Credit is Due -- Be listed in the credits of the videos for the month! (Names will be subject to approval. Individuals only -- no businesses allowed.)  NOTE -- anyone ...

$25 /mo
Microphone Check, 123 - Have your name/username read out loud during the credits in every video for the month!

$100 /mo
Patron of the Week -- Only one name per week!  The title card of a week of episodes will say something to the effect of "This Week's Episodes Brought to You by the Generous support...

$250 /mo
You Pick the Topic -- You can request that I make a tutorial video discussing a particular programming topic.  This may include actually programming or, if programming in that time...

$500 /mo
Business Sponsor -- Your business name and URL will be featured in the title card for the month.  Your URL will be linked in the description box of the episodes.  (Subject to approval.)