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I live where the Shield meets the Prairies - the geographical centre of Canada.  A place called Landmark, Manitoba.  I have a small hobby farm where my young daughter and I ride horses, jump on the trampoline and sing songs beside the campfire.

We spend almost all of our time out doors, all year round.  Whether its skating on the river, or skiing the trails of Pumpkin Creek, or riding horse in the back country of Riding Mountain, or touring around my guitar and playing house concerts, rodeo dances and country fairs.  We are always on the move in this province.  I have a camper modded into the back of my pick up truck, and a tent in the horse trailer.  We cover thousands and thousands of highway Kilometers, and it has all taught me one thing - I LOVE MANITOBA!

I am fortunate enough to have a job where I get to see a lot beautiful corners of this province, and meet a lot of interesting people.  From fishing up in Flin Flon to volunteering at the community pasture in Gardenton, to the beautiful drives on Highway 34 South of Austin, or cutting into the Parkland on Mountain Road.  I have toured house concerts, camp fires, and most of the great theaters in this province.

I have a song titled Something to Me, and it talks about the forgotten small towns and lonely highways in this province.  And even though someone might say its nothing, all that nothing, means something to me.  Its a love song for the Prairies.

Recently, I have started a campaign where I work to facilitate an opportunity for rural Manitoba communities to source local funding to support their regional, community based initiatives.  We do this in the form of turn key fund raising concerts - where we partner with the community to share the associated risks of putting on such an event, and facilitate the ask of local businesses to join into the event.

This type of event comes with a high overhead cost, enough so, I would venture many communities would shy away from shouldering the risk based on costs alone.  We provide full pro audio PA, lighting and sound technicians along with a band of professional players.  It is a show second to none in Manitoba. 

We operate on the premise of Synergy.  Me and my team work hard, and we expect the same from the community partners.  Now as a result of this partnership with local community boards we share in the successful moments, and in the take away moments.  The last thing I want is a non-profit committee, trying to evoke change in a community, and ultimately being stuck with a loss after hosting a first time fund raising initiative that may not turn out they way they had planned.  Conversely, I don't want to over-step my value proposition to the communities either.  I absorb the shared risk of the event, however, I also cap my return on the success of the event - to ensure the community keeps the maximum amount of profit in their pocket.

My goal is to help facilitate $1 Million dollars for rural Manitoba communities before I retire from music.  Hosting these events at Community Halls, Arenas, Theatres and House Concerts across Manitoba.

To accommodate this, I ask for your partnership and support at whatever level you believe you can afford.  Your support goes directly into the travel, professional costs, rental fees and day to day expenses of this undertaking.  Your support will ensure our cap remains low and WE, TOGETHER will facilitate the growth of rural Manitoba community based initiatives.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

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This will be the first tank of gas that will not be included in the million dollar community fund raising initiative expenses.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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