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About Michelle Baxter

Hey there! My name is Michelle Baxter and I’m the creator behind @quirkyheart on Instagram and the Quirky Heart Community group on Facebook.


$5/month = This is your subscription to the Quirky Heart Digest! A .pdf zine filled with inspiration for your planning and journaling projects.

$10/month = Access to a VIP Facebook group where you can participate in the monthly challenge for a chance to win prizes (two $25 gift cards are given away every month)

That about sums up what I'm doing here! Keep reading for sample images and more details . . .


I’ve been scrapbooking for over 12 years . . .

. . . and most recently I fell down the creative planning and journaling rabbit hole! 

I always have a million ideas running through my head at all times! In autumn of 2017 I launched the Quirky Heart Digest here on Patreon to share those ideas with you!

See all my work on Instagram HERE


Each issue is centered around an overall theme and includes:

- A moodboard, to set the vibe for the month:

- Color palettes, along with coordinating Tombow marker colors to help you swatch it up:

- Daily Prompts for doodling or lettering:

- The most popular feature are the weekly challenges for your planner or journal:

To quote the fine print in the digest: "My goal is simply to make sure that when you sit down to create you never get "artist's block" and waste time wondering what to do. I know you're busy and you need to spend every precious moment of crafty time being crafty, not getting stuck on ideas!"

Thank you from the bottom of my quirky little heart for supporting my creative dreams! Patreon has allowed me to turn my creative hustle into a real business!

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I'm working on a new blog and educational website for the planning community. Reaching this goal will mean I can afford to pay the monthly expenses of running these sites, including hiring paid staff
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