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About Quiver

I write mostly erotic short stories touching on a wide range of topics and themes, many of which involve supernatural and paranormal seduction tactics and compulsion. My interests often intersect with the genres of mind control, bdsm, and exhibitionism/voyeurism. They can run the gamut from kinky to completely vanilla. I write what I like in the moment, and I'm hoping that others can find some enjoyment from it too.

Writing erotica is a new hobby for me, so I am creating this space in case anyone who reads my stories would like to help support my work. But I mostly write for fun, and this is intended to be a side project for me. So my upload schedule will likely be around one or two chapters a month. I'm open to accepting commissions, so feel free to message me or send me an email at [email protected] if that's something you're interested in!

Patrons at the mid level and higher will receive at least two weeks of exclusive early access to my stories as I publish them, as well as access to my Discord server. After those two weeks, I will make stories available to all tiers and generally also post them to other sites online, including Literotica, DeviantArt, and the Erotic Mind Control Story Archive (where applicable).

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