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I've been working on Quoll Writer for close to 7 years now but it's been a hobby project, something I do to help facilitate my own writing.  The problem with Quoll Writer being a hobby project is that I can't devote much time to it.  In the past I have either worked on a QW release in my spare time or on my stories and first book.  During that time I've had a full time job that paid the bills but last November my circumstances changed and I moved to working part-time.  

Seizing the opportunity I decided to complete Editor Mode with my newfound extra time.  It was a vanity project, something I really wanted to do because I believe it provides a function that writers have needed for a long time.  But now I'm at a junction.  Going forward I need to make a choice.  Either I continue developing QW for the majority of my time and have writing as my hobby or QW becomes my part-time hobby again and development slows to a crawl.

This is where you come in!  With your help I can devote the lion's share of my time to QW.  The recent explosion in interest has introduced a large number of new users to Quoll Writer and many of them have made feature requests.  I want to push ahead with QW's development but I need funding to do so.

Here's a brief list of the major features I'd like to add to QW in the future:

  • Add documents to assets and characters
  • Introduce scene and chapter planning
  • Have a timeline allowing you to plan events and timings in your story
  • Integrate with publishing tools and websites (such as Amazon, Lulu and Smashwords)
  • Real HTML export 
  • Generate word clouds
  • Print preview with better print handling and options
  • ODT/PDF file import/export
  • Introduce a "text tidy" that would allow you to format your text according to configurable rules, for example "2 spaces after a full stop" or "use this quotation character"
  • More metrics/statistics and visual representations
  • Beef up snapshots to be real backups
  • Project/chapter versioning
  • Build on and improve Editor Mode
  • Create a "Find an Editor" website service
  • Move QW to use JavaFX

The list of minor improvements is so long I won't even attempt to list them.

But let me be clear.  Development of Quoll Writer will never stop while I have breath in my body and at least 1 finger that can use a keyboard.  I use Quoll Writer for my own writing and I NEED Quoll Writer.  It is only the pace of development that is changing.  With your help I can keep the pace high and make QW even better.

What about a Mac version?  I get a lot of requests for a Mac version but I believe that since it is a standalone project it would be better handled with a Kickstarter rather than as part of the normal development of QW.  It also allows Mac users to get QW rather than non-Mac users having to pay for it.  If you would be willing to fund a Kickstarter for a Mac version please let me know.
$35.84 of $1,500 per month
This amount would allow me to dedicate some real time to QW and focus on feature requests and small improvements.  It would also pay for the QW website and Editors Service.
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