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We know the feeling... you have this urge in you to just be a part of this. The same urge that made you click to get here! - you want to just give, knowing you are a part of something that is unique when it comes to Quran learning. We embrace your membership and will keep you in mind when we introduce user accounts for some special treatment!

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You probably derive some good amount of value from QuranHive and think to yourself "these guys deserve some kickback and extra resource"...  well, we won't disagree with you! we'll happily accept your givings and keep you in mind for special privileges when we introduce user accounts (Yes, it's coming very soon with so many more features!).  

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Aaah, so you've noticed that we are constantly (& rapidly) making improvements (hopefully) to our apps and website.  Maybe a super user or just a user who knows a good product when they see it! - in any case, you are our favourite type of user. We will definitely keep you in mind for special privileges when we introduce user accounts (Yes, it's coming very soon with so many more features!). 




Asalaam Alaikum,

Firstly, we are glad that you clicked to get here. That wonderful thought process in your mind saying "I wonder how I can be a part of this"...

Alhamdulillah QuranHive exists as both App & Website (quranhive.com).

We simply want to boost the Quran learning experience, making deep learning of the Quran, easy. We always have some 'big ideas' to introduce and excite our users with - all so that we can be a community linked & inspired by the Quran.

QuranHive isn't just a static product, that just exists as it is. We are very serious about making it dynamic, constantly changing and improving it, adding creativity, resources and those type of features where you think to yourself "oooo, this is special", & those types which just take you by surprise!

The platform offers something unique, but relates to something all to common within us... The urge to learn the Quran better.

Check out our tiers and join us... 

Have that feeling within you knowing that you're a part of something special

Also, do keep in touch using our in-app for website feedback section.

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