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About r011yp011y

Welcome, to my Patreon page! This page will provide you, the audience the chance to connect with me even when I'm off Twitch!

For many years now, I've had dreams about making entertaining videos and streams in which I could have the opportunity to do it as a career. Thanks to this page (and you for clicking on it!) I am a step closer to my dreams!

I stream Minecraft over on my Twitch channel and I also record Minecraft videos on my YouTube! You can check out my channels over on the left side to see what I'm all about!

This page will offer 45 lucky people to join me on the Official Rollyverse server.  Please, take the time and look at the rewards available to you on the right side and consider helping me come closer to my dreams!
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Reaching this goal will improve the quality of my videos and streams!
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