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About ÆgiR6013

I play drums in several bands and, lately, on my own (with some electronics), record and release some of those bands (and others), lend equipment for events and recording, and under normal circumstances organize and play a number of shows most months, in a space that goes by the name R6013.

Given the current situation, there has obviously not been a lot of the usual basement activity. Instead, I've used my time and freedom to focus on creating more. I turned my live set into an album that I recorded and released shortly after the first wave hit. And for the last few months I've been working on two new projects, one of them being a new, mostly electronic solo album, exploring new soundworlds and writing processes. And beats. The other one is a very exciting new band.
Patreon has provided me with the opportunity to dive into all of that full-time.

As R6013 activity has died down, the patronage has also decreased. Understandably. My gratitude to those who have supported this endeavour to any extent over the last year and a half - and particularly those who have continued their support throughout this weird time - knows no bounds and can not be put into words.
I have struggled with how to move forward with this. I haven't really found my way into the world of online content. I have been preparing to be able to stream shows from the basement as they happen as they used to (overcrowded and full of love) - as a way of documenting and extending the reaches of our tiny, beloved basement - but not been too keen on streaming-only shows. I might change my mind if this all continues.
In the mean-time, I do have some fun projects brewing that I hope to share soon.

Patrons get access to some occasional sneak-peeks of new things and sporadic updates. And love. And maybe other things in the future. And immeasureable gratitude.

R6013 is a basement venue in the center of Reykjavík that provides an invaluable platform for emerging artists at a time when music venues are being priced out of existence. With over 100 shows since its beginnings in May 2017, it has become one of the more active places for underground music in Reykjavík (and the only active all-ages one?)
With Reykjavík losing several important music hubs in recent years, R6013 feels more necessary now than ever as a home for young musicians and the experimental scene.

Upcoming events:

The painted door:

List of shows/band members so far with detailed statistics on gender ratios and such:

List of equipment:
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If I reach $1000 per month I can keep hosting shows and playing music full time.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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