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About Bevibel Harvey

I create and direct tracks in Line Rider and release them as videos! Here are a couple examples of what I would consider my best work:

This Will Destroy You: A track synced to an entire album of music (This Will Destroy You's S/T) that took over 250 hours to create. A sort of thesis on the untapped potential of unscened trackmaking in Line Rider.

Selee: The music group Super Flu commissioned me to make the official music video for this song, and I brought on two paid collaborators to help with the project. We developed some new design tools within Line Rider, brainstormed ideas, and ultimately created some trippy music visualizations, all in Line Rider itself.

I have been creating Line Rider tracks since 2007 - from the age of 14! - simply because I love creating art with the medium of Line Rider. Since I am constantly trying to push the artistic boundaries of Line Rider, the time and energy each project takes can be extremely unpredictable. The more income I can get from Patreon, the more I can take risks, try out new ideas, and ultimately create the art I dream of - and the less I have to rely on commissions to fund my work.

In addition to the tracks themselves, I am also a Line Rider critic, curator, and archivist. I want to share my views on Line Rider as an art medium, showcase some of the most notable works, and preserve the rich and complex history of the Line Rider subculture. Sometimes this takes the form of a video essay on Line Rider philosophy, sometimes it takes the form of an interview on a podcast, and sometimes it takes the form of traveling to an art gallery in Slovenia for a week. Here's one of the video essays:

Line Rider: The Gamification of an Art Medium: A deep dive into Line Rider history, philosophy, and culture, to answer the question why Line Rider was forgotten for so long, only to be revived in 2017 by DoodleChaos, someone considered an outsider to the Line Rider community.

And here is the Line Rider Archival Project, an ambitious endeavor to continuously archive as much of Line Rider history as possible:

Your monthly pledge supports all of these things and more. This is what I've been doing with nearly half my life by now, and I won't be stopping anytime soon. Your pledge makes it possible for me to continue doing what I love - using Line Rider to make someone's day, week, month, or even year - a little brighter, more interesting, and more wonderful.

If you want to support me but don't want to commit to a recurring payment, You can tip me for my work here:

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