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About Rachel Andrew


Thank you for visiting my page. I'm Rachel Andrew. I am working on CSS and helping people to understand CSS through my work at the CSS Working Group, and via sites such as Grid by Example.

Why support me?
As an Invited Expert to the CSS Working Group, I'm a volunteer. Working on the specifications I am co-editor of, and their test suites, phoning into the weekly meeting and paying for flights and accommodation to attend the face to face meetings, these are all funded through the tiny company I run with my husband. I also spend time creating sites such as Grid by Example, and putting together my weekly email CSS Layout News.

By supporting me you essentially give me more time to spend on these things. Things which hopefully will benefit everyone who uses the web. If the community could fund a few days work each month, I'd put them to great use, as I hope my track record over the years shows.

Can't some big company just pay me to do this?
Possibly! If I just wanted to work on CSS and the web platform then maybe the best route would be to get a job at a browser vendor. However I also feel it important that there are independent people involved in the standards process. I try to speak for web designers and developers, listen to your feedback and present that in any discussions, I'd like there to be more people like me involved in that way.

Rewards / Support Levels
I've tried to create a few options, for those of you who have found something I've done useful and would like to support me, to companies who might be willing to sponsor my ongoing work.

It should go without saying, that supporting me at any level doesn't give you any special route to get things prioritized in CSS, I don't have that power! However I'm certainly happy to help supporters understand how standards creation happens, and how to become more involved themselves.

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