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So, you have an extra buck per month to spare? And you decided to put it here? You're awesome! You know what?
  • You get to give feedback and make suggestions, I'll share some digital artwork based on Walking the Blade. We can chit chat. 
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Nosy much?
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So you got a taste of it and you want more? Awesome! For the cost of a beverage per month, you're helping me get to my goals! And in return, you get to see things...
  • Everything in the previous tier
  • Access to deleted scenes, material not posted on the website or published - but kept available for you. 
  • Sneak Peeks at character or setting aesthetics, artwork, and blurbs 
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You like the writing, but whoa would you like to keep going when those steamy scenes fade to black! Well, truth is - we rarely fade to black. We just didn't post the rest of those scenes on the main website with the other first drafts. Instead, I can share them with you here! They'll be available monthly.  Whether you read them or not, thank you for pledging!
  • Everything in the previous tiers
  • Access to monthly NSFW scenes from our favorite characters




Writing doesn't always pay the bills! If I'm not to give up on my dream, I have to be practical about it and get paid for all aspects of my craft. I need to be able to pay for the marketing via website and social media and streaming. In the future I hope my work for you helps me pay for editing services, support while querying, and definitely some self-publishing costs. In my dreams - your support will also help with future convention trips and signings. In return, you get my appreciation and rewards I've set up for you! 

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I'm hoping to earn enough money to be able to pay for everything that I currently am paying out of pocket for - the websites, the artwork, the subscriptions to tools I use, and time.  I would thank all of my patrons on an appreciation post on my website that will be distributed throughout my social media. If you want a "shout-out" I will do that!  
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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