Rachel Kann is creating Poetry

$1 /mo
Thank you for caring about and supporting heartfelt independent art! For $1 a month, you will have access to the Activity Feed, you'll also get to be part of the Cosmic Carrot Love Army. What is a ...

$3 /mo
Gosh, I triply thank you! 

$5 /mo
Wow, $5 a month is rad, thank you! I will exclusively release sneak peaks of my poetry videos to everyone at this level before they are made public. I will also create audio recordings of my 

$36 /mo
Thank you for giving me life! At this level, you receive all the above awards, plus a 20 minute Skype chat on any topic you want per month, poetry or otherwise. 

$100 /mo
Ok, this is super generous of you. I am honored. And because you are so generous, I am going to offer you a major reward that will be worth your hard-earned money. At this level, you get all the af...

$180 /mo
Double Up! You are a saint. At this reward level you can mix and match any TWO of the $100 rewards above, however you like. So you could workshop two poems a month, or chat with me twice a month, o...