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About Rachel Lark

Hi! Welcome to my Patreon page!

I'm Rachel Lark, and I'm a multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter who has made a name for herself amongst perverts, psychedelic party throwers, festival attendees, and college students. My music is weird, disruptive to the patriarchy, and sexually explicit.  That's why all of my support has come from badass weirdos like yourselves. You've given me love, loyalty, and occasionally, your money!

Monthly support is important.  Kickstarter makes sense when there's one big project that you want to work on, which is why it was great for raising funds for my first music video, Warm, Bloody and Tender and my latest show, Studies Have Shown.  But now I have maaaaany projects I want to work on, and working on them is a full-time job.  With monthly support I can rely on from my fans, I can budget and plan further in advance and get more creative work done.

Here's what I want to do this year.
  • Record an EP (including songs that you all keep requesting to hear recordings of, like The Unicorn Song and This Year)
  • Film several music videos
  • Go to the legendary Edinburgh Festival
  • Tour the U.S., especially the East Coast!
  • Tour Europe
  • Record an an educational concept album about the Middle East
  • Work with a publicist to get my music noticed by bigger audiences
  • Write a musical (already in the works!)

To do these things, I need to be able to plan. You all have helped me make very ambitious projects real, and if I know how much money I have coming in each month, I can do even more. The cycle of fundraising for each project individually is exhausting, for you and for me, and I can do SO MUCH MORE actual art if I'm not spending all of my time hustling for funding. Budgeting long term is essential for any business, and for that, I need to know what income I can count on each month. 

If 500 of you contribute just $1 a month, I'll have enough guaranteed income to record my next studio album. If 400 of you contribute $2 a month, even MORE of that list becomes possible. And if 1,000 of you contribute $5 a month, I can do everything on the list above and plan in a way that lets me build my business and make this career path sustainable for the long, long-term. That's something of a miracle, when you think about it.  Gone are the days when artists like me have to soften out the edges to fit into the mold of what the "industry" wants.  Now a small number of dedicated, like-minded people can actually sustain artists, without relying on the promise of "mainstream success" to suddenly create a salary for a working artist.  And unlike a Kickstarter campaign, this support will last, so the projects that I haven't even dreamed up yet can also become a reality in the future.

Perks? Simple! This is about ongoing, sustainable support, so I'm keeping the rewards super simple. If you want to help and crowdfund my full-time artist paycheck, then you probably don't need to be motivated by a t-shirt or a bumper sticker, right? You'll be getting downloads of new music. If you contribute at the $10 a month level, you'll be on the permanent guest list for all of my shows. If you contribute at the $100 a month level, I will play a house show for you once a year with my full band.

But seriously, even if you just contribute $1 a month, that can really add up to a lot. I just ask that if you like my music, you consider this model of patronage. The pledge I make to you in return is that I will work tirelessly to create the most honest art I possibly can and that I will dedicate every day to bringing it to more and more people.

Thanks for reading!  I really appreciate you taking the time to check out this patreon page and my work.  

$2,151 of $3,000 per month
When I reach $3,000 I will start working with a publicist to release my EP, spread the word about the musical, and get my new music video seen by the most people possible.
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