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I got that saying off an Irish sugar packet when I was 21.  $1 is all I've been able to give many times in my own life, and that makes it just as valuable as a $50 donation.  

I value this $1.  I honor this $1.  I will use it with integrity and I will share that use with you.  This tier will unlock exclusive content as you join the ranks of my community of patrons and put a huge smile on my face!

  • Access to patron-only content, much of which I will not be sharing anywhere else.  Sketches of dreams, writings, costume construction, makeup experiments, backstage vids, etc.
  • Connect with other patrons, cause why not?  
  • Participate in feedback polls cause I could really use an outside eye sometimes!
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I value this $5.  I honor this $5.  I will use it with integrity and I will share that use with you.  It will go to cover the essentials of creating work, such as studio space (literally $5 a day), rigging materials, costuming supplies, set designs, software required to do the do.

This tier will unlock all of the above as well as:

  • Occasional downloadable content like music, hi-res images, and pdfs
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Why Scorpios?  They're dark and twisty and have little sharp fangs behind their lovely mouths.  I LOVE THEM.  My life has been shaped by the proximity of Scorpios, I've been fed by them, and loved by them.  They surround me like a beautiful carnivorous garden that could eat me at any time, but they won't- they will however guard me and bite anyone who tries to steal my roses.  I feel protected by them and protective of them, and I feel that way about you, too.  So I have named this tier in their honor. 

This tier will unlock the above as well as:

  • A personal handwritten thank you card sprinkled with my tears of joy or wine depending on what time of day they are written :)  In this card I will tell you a secret.  I will not repeat the same secret twice.




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About Rachel Strickland

Welcome to my fecund little petri dish!

So, here's what happened.

I'm a dancer, aerialist, writer, and weirdo.  Most of what I've been doing since 2007 has centered around circus arts.  I've choreographed and performed in OVER 67 SEPARATE ACTS AND SHOWS and coached and mentored 100's of artists in their own work over the course of that career.  I was damned fortunate to come into circus just before it exploded over the world- it meant I got to take part in pioneering a young industry:  the world of the freelance circus artist.  There was no career path and *spoiler alert* there still isn't.  Especially when you get to this place that no one tells you about, the place I am in now.  When pouring champagne in a sparkley two piece isn't scary or particularly interesting anymore, and neither is living out of a suitcase away from your home; not because those things aren't valuable, but because you did it already.  It seems I have the opportunity to explore another new frontier...the next page in the life cycle of a circus artist.

I came here to tell the truth.  I've turned my focus to unearthing whatever half-shaped curios are lurking in the underworld.  And I am going to tell you the truth about all of it.  In detail.  In horrifying, delicious, blatant detail.  

This Patreon exists as a platform to tell the truth, to dive into the viscera of the unknown fetid little recesses of my brain, and to be upfront as hell about that.  

So I am writing.  I am choreographing.  I'm speaking at events, where did that come from?  I'm telling stories.  And I want to share them with you, and also how I made them, and why, and what it felt like while they were emerging wet and dripping from the primordial stew.

These are the current projects in the works, always subject to change:

  • A 20 minute one woman vignette that will one day grow into a full length show; the working title of which is The Monstrous Feminine, about what happens to the whispers of ignored inspiration when they are shoved into the attic to eat themselves alive (it's sure to be a cheerful affair).
  • A new aerial hoop act with music composed by musician Jym Daly of Fidget Feet Aerial Dance in Ireland, debuting July 2019
  • A book: YES OMG WTF I am finally writing a book after threatening to for years.
  • A collaboration (the 2nd one) with artist Michelle Jader on the theme of Kintsukuroi (not so oddly, the same theme was used by my dear compatriots WitchTech for a show this past spring)
  • A series of horror photographs set in rural South Carolina
  • A circular witch calendar incorporating the Celtic wheel of the year, moon cycles, and the Gregorian calendar.

As you can imagine, ALL of these things require more than myself, every penny given by you, the other half of creation, goes to fund the work.  It pays the artists, designers, musicians, photographers, and editors that comprise a team of weirdos most of which have never met but all share one singular goal...

To make some fucking art and to not ignore the hidden and disparate commands of their own psyches in favor of selling it to the world.  
I solemnly swear that I am up to no good, and I will tell you the truth about that.

the ps:
If you were hoping for advice or free content that WILL improve your career as an artist and your quality of work, I have that too- it is here on my blog and you are very welcome to it: Madame Rex. The content there is always free, always honest, and hopefully relevant to your interests.

If you'd like to apply to the Audacity Project or learn more about the program, you can do that here: The Audacity Project
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When (see what I did there?  not if...see I'm totally growing) WHEN we reach 100 patrons, I'll publish a polished piece of writing just for you (gulp).  Thank you to all who voted in the poll for what goal reward we should aim for!
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