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  • Access to a Monthly "LIVE FEED" session  Updating patrons on concerns in our local community and beyond. This will include updates on projects and concerns of Earth Guardians NY partners & Advisory organizations as well.
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  • Access to Monthly "LIVE FEED" session
  • A personal Monthly Haiku written for you or someone(s) you would like to gift a poem to.




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It is time for a major shift. In my own consciousness as much and as well as collective consciousness.
In order for me to continue in this body, it is time for change. 

One year ago this past march, everything uprooted. My home, my role as a parent, my everything changed and the uproot was severe. And while good, it was severe. As I heal from several traumas endured over the last several years, it is time for light and transformation. 

i am not sure what is next. But three recurring themes keep showing themselves...
1, run for Woodstock town supervisor 
2. write a book. 
3, run like hell. 
I think I choose the latter two. 
It’s time for change and it’s time for me to write Untethered. Just write. 

So my patreon page is going to shift drastically. Beginning with a change from recurring patronage to raising a chunk so that I can make a
move and do it in a good way. 
I would like to turn my little big school bus into a van I can travel (long distances) in and hit the road. Across this country are people in my life who hold memories I would like to jog. And I am suffocating watching my community be pushed to the margins to make way for our demographic replacements. It might just be killing me. 

So time for life changes and fun and work and work and all of that wrapped in one little flight suit. 
been Craving to return to India for twenty+ years. And that feels like where I need to land in winter and compile this writing into a book. 

i write like a fiend in India! 

So anyway. This Art Life is up for some change. 

Happy Birthday 50. The second half of your life is here baby! 
(That’s what I keep telling myself as I reach my half centennial golden anniversary of life in this body. 

More about me...
As many of you know, one day (September of 2014) I woke up and my life completely changed. Suddenly, I had gone from familial focus to community organization. In doing this work I found that there is not much more that I want to do than advocate for the betterment of our collective commons.

In a recent conversation, someone said to me, "Give it up—the work you are trying to do is not sustainable for the likes of you, it is for trust funded people and those with old family money." While this, indeed, has been the truth, it is clear that the advocacy work of the trust funded and the wealthy is not enough to make real change in our communities. I refuse to believe that the only way to thrive is to un-prioritize this work.

Every time someone acknowledges me and our team for the work we have been doing in the community, they preface it by apologizing for not being able to do more themselves. It is my goal to help make it possible for more people to become effective in their community.

I am asking for your help to do that.

While patreon is a platform for supporting artists, at this point, much of my creative time is spent on community advocacy and freelance work.
Advocacy has become my art, your support would allow me to keep up the advocacy an put more focus into creating literal art which is what comprises much of my entrepreneurial work!

I have come clear in the knowing that in order to continue this work I will need to return to spending more time in artistic expression and prayer I am ready to connect the dots between spirit and outreach and so much of my time right now is expanding my spiritual work.

Here is how Patreon works...

Members of my community Pledge a recurring monthly donation. With your patronage, I, Rach can continue to prioritize community activation and advocacy, turn out for actions and generally show up for the betterment of our collective commons.

And, best of all, help You join the movement and become more effective in your own community!

See below for a quick list of the work I have been doing, and will to continue to do with your support:

My goal is to continue as illustrated below:
  • Return to training and skill building. As I expand into this work, it is clear that this is an important next step for me. As I am called to more and more speaking engagements and workshop facilitation, it is crucial to expanding my capabilities and ability to hold the containers. 
  • Continue 2 hour per week Radio Show, The Same Boat Radio, on Woodstock 104, hosting Remotely, and expand into a podcast.
    • Provide platform for community voice to be heard (let me know if you would like to come on)
    • Expand outreach about many issues facing our community
    • Facebook live feeds are showing that people enjoy the show and want more. With time and perhaps an intern or volunteer the show could take some turns. Our station is small and not funded. So we do not have the pomp or circumstance that local independent stations like Kongston radio have. It’s truly grassroots. 
  • Structured time for Creative Entrepreneurial endeavors
    • Production of marketable items and products:
      • Haiku For Thought—It is time for a second printing. While a second deck is imminent. Investor has just stepped up to finance the reprint. Stay tuned! 
      • Writing--I am thirsting for time to write and the idea of a residency is exciting. I believe that will be a trip to India where time slows down and my propensity is to write. 

      • Educational Panel & Workshop at Brooklyn Friend's School
      • In Support of John Bowermaster's "The Hudson—A River At Risk" Rosendale Theater
      • Keynote with Karenna Gore—Marianne Williamson's Sister Giant
      • Standing Rock-On-Hudson Teach-In—with Tiokasin Ghost Horse, Michael O’Keefe and other speakers and artists

It turns out that I enjoy video editing and production, and this is something I would like to continue discovering. 
The Spectra "Algonquin" 42 inch high pressure fracked gas Pipeline which is headed from Pennsylvania, through New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island for transport is slated to run 105 feet from Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant. We need your help! Here are some informational videos about the issue.



https://youtu.be/tCpte14H0fsPublic comment video presented to the City Council in Cascade Locks. This was created at the request of water advocates who were/are facing Nestle in their community:

For those wondering what happened with 
Earth Guardians New York, If was definitely too much for Aidan and I to continue on a volunteer basis. That and other reasons, we had release our focus.
Some of what I focused on volunteering to create and maintain  an EGNY Headquarters. 
$50 of $2,000 per month
<<See The Description
What I am working toward:
  • Creating time and space for 
  • Creativity and resource product development— which equals entrepreneurial expansion. 
  • Education, training and skill building to fortify my effectiveness in advocacy work.  
  • Expanded production of The Same Boat Radio, which is taking new shape. A very special co-host will be joining me in the coming months and the program format will be moving to more of a fireside conversation. Guest participation is increasing.  The goal is to bring the show to live stream on the web. 
    • *Regular, weekly opportunity for young people to participate in a professional radio production experience in a 15 minute Youth led segment as part of the weekly broadcast of The Same Boat Radio  
  • Continued support of the Earth Guardians New York crews and consultation for startups.  
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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