Rachel Virginia Hester - Writer, Educator and Photographer

is creating resonance by writing about justice, faith and healing

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About Rachel Virginia Hester - Writer, Educator and Photographer

Hi! I'm Rachel Virginia Hester (they/them/theirs)! I am a queer, non-binary Afro-Latinx writer, educator and photographer living in the American South. I am passionate about matters related to social justice, spirituality and healing. In other words, my desire is to see human beings live whole, abundant lives, especially those of us who exist on the margins of society. I arrive at this desire through my Christian faith.

I write: blogs, tweets, poems, essays, interpretations, devotionals, liturgy! My blog, the Generous Pine, is where I produce reflections and analysis on culture, racial justice, mental health and faith from a queer, Black, feminist lens.

I also educate on racial justice, queer liberation, and emotionality, including places where these subjects intersect. I have presented workshops at national conferences like Prophetic Imagination and The Reformation Project, and have been featured as a guests on various podcasts such as Queerology and Transform Network Podcast. Locally, I create space for discussions on LGBTQ identity and inclusion in the church, with special attention to how other systems of oppression intersect with queer oppression. In addition, I have a peer support project on Instagram called Pinetree Peer Support where I share what I've learned on my recovery journey.

Lastly, as a photographer, I take portraits and capture events with special attention to individuals and communities participating in movements for justice in the Church. My photos have been featured on ministry websites and even on the Huffington Post!

I started a Patreon because I got requests from my community that they desired a way to support me financially for the work that I do both online and off. I love Patreon because it's a great way for those who support me to see the projects that I have been working on, since I express my creativity in many ways. This model of community support is important to me as a creative and your support helps me to continue to invest the time to work on the various projects that I work on.
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Once I hit this goal, I hope to start to create video content! This goal will help me to rent equipment or to pay people who may be able to help me with video content. I have always been told that I have a way of breaking concepts down in speech so that they are accessible to people. I believe that making social justice theory accessible can help Christians put those theories into better practice.
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