Rachel Virginia Hester is creating The Generous Pine, Photography, Liberative Christian Discourse

You're Pretty Sweet!

$5 /mo
If you pledge $5 dollars, I will mail you a thank you card at the end of the year. There might even be some silly doodles inside.

Stock Stock, Stock It Up, Stock It Up!

$10 /mo
If you pledge $10 dollars or more, you get access to the photos available. You're welcome to use this on blogs, websites, etc. Here's a sample of what said photos may look like! If you have already...

Picture This!

$15 /mo
When you pledge $15 dollars, I'll send you a 5x7 (or larger) print of an original photo graphic postcard featured on my blog in the mail to you twice a year. I will notify you ahead of time when I ...

The Inquirer

$35 /mo
Sometimes it can feel embarrassing to admit justice movements can be overly complex. The Inquirer can expect to have 1 one-to-one personal conversation with me where I can guide you through the int...

The Conversationalist

$50 /mo
Maybe you want to talk to me more than once a month!

If you pledge $75 dollars to my Patreon, you can expect that we will arrange together 2 one-on-one, 60 minute personal conversations. H...