Rachel Watches Star Trek is creating a podcast


$2 /mo
  • Get episodes a week early.
  • Access to additional content, including the comments show.
  • A call-out to you on the show.


$5 /mo
  • Monthly bonus content: silly sketches, slash fiction reading, Rachel vs. Chris: "Would you Rather," etc. 
  • Exclusive season end wrap-up episodes, just for you.
  • Plus all previous rewards.

Lieutenant Commander

$10 /mo
  • Bi-monthly patron-only livestream.
  • Signed digital poster.
  • Plus all previous rewards.


$50 /mo
  • We will make an episode of the podcast about any episode of a Sci-Fi and/or 1960s TV show you choose - repeating every 4 months that you back us at this level). 
  • Plus all previous rewards.

I'm Captain Kirk!!

$100 /mo
  • You can join us as guest host on one of our regular episodes, every four months that you back us at this level. 
  • A personalized video message from us to you.
  • Plus all £10 level rewards.