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I'd like to have a useful tier for anyone who is willing to support this project and its content.  In return, I'd like to share occasional exclusives. 

In my research I often have a lot of additional information that is interesting and useful, but often times would end up cluttering up the main content post.  I would like to share these bit with subscribers, when I think there's something useful.  This could even be some tips on some game rarities that haven't quite reached high dollar values yet.  Having early access to this info could give you a leg up on your collecting ;)

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The first 5 patrons to donate at this level will get a special thanks on the About Page of the website.  All 8-bit or Higher Patrons will also get occasional early previews of some of our most exciting guide publications.

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The first 10 to donate at this level will get an EXTRA special thanks on the About Page of the Website.  I will also accept requests for content or content updates that fit the them of the site and is in my capability.  




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About RetroGaming with Racketboy

Founded in 2004, RetroGaming with Racketboy was one of the first blogs that was dedicated to retro and classic video games and has been one of the most influential content producers in the genre over the last 15 years.  

Racketboy has published over 1000 articles and guides and frequently updates the most popular guides to have the most current information and improved visuals.

Many of our guides take quite a bit of research and fact-checking (see our recent Games That Pushed the Limits of the Sony Playstation (PS1) for a good example) in addition to many hours of composition and formatting.  Some posts that serve as value guides like our Rare and Valuable and Cheapest Games series need to be updated on a regular basis to stay accurate and at the peak of helpfulness.

The video game industry has shown us decades of art and innovation. It is easy to get lost in the hype, stumble over missed attempts, and miss out on hidden gems.

Retrogaming with Racketboy is an attempt to make sense out of the noise that is contained in this rapidly changing world of gaming. We want you to be able to spend time with the games and hardware that are fulfilling instead of getting overwhelmed.

Instead of focusing purely on the latest that the industry has to offer or only the high-profile titles, we look to savor what its history has to offer. We want each visitor to be able to easily find a guide or conversation that will help them steer their gaming collection and lifestyle in a way that serves them best.

While we spend a lot of time on console gaming, we also enjoy arcade and personal computer gaming as well. We intend to broaden our content while staying true to our goals.

Retrogaming with Racketboy was established in 2004 and has since grown to become of the leading sources of old-school gaming information and discussion. We are often cited in both active gaming communities and reference materials in addition to being featured numerous times on mainstream gaming and technology sites for over a decade.

These sites include 1UP (and featured on their 101 Favorite Gaming SitesWIRED, Joystiq, KotakuArs TechnicaGame Informer, GamePro, Retro Gamer MagazineTechCrunchDigg, Slashdot, and Fark,
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Last year, I left my full-time job and was able to spend more time on Racketboy content and found a part-time job to supplement the income.  There more Patreon support raised, the more I will be able to spend time in building quality content, improving the website, and expand my game library.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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