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• read RADIUS 
• weekly upload: 1-2 pages per week, every Friday uploads!
• wips + making of the pages + page construction notes
• 3D models overview + design and modeling process

  • Early access
  • Work-in-progress updates (digital)


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• OCs sketches + more info about them
• comic strips about my OCs
• illustration sketches + wips
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• read RADIUS + everything from the ◄hellhound & ◄android tier

• RADIUS worldbuilding: notes + concept art
• step by steps, walk throughs, making of videos of illustrations
• occasionall transparent lineart files of my artworks for you to color
• patreon exclusive insights into secret and upcoming projects
• insight to animation projects
• tutorials, brushes, psd files

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Hey! I'm radacs, a self-taught digital artist and my biggest passion is telling stories through my art.

Many years ago I created my project ◄ RADIUS ► and this fictional world litterally grew into a universe of it's own and hides many untold stories - but I want to tell them all - thats my life's mission.

RADIUS is a comic about a fictional planet that is literaly split in half by a civil war between humans and cyborgs. It's a story about identity and transhumanism, dignity and humanity, social and socieatal issues. But there are also a lot of different characters who fight their own demons in this unfair world and are dealing with their very own problems and try to find their true belonging, identity and piece of mind in a hopeless place.
RADIUS is a sci-fi/military/cyberpunk action comic with a very dramatic touch.

As a patreon you will dive deep into the universe of RADIUS and beyond!
  • read the comic
  • making of process of the comic pages
  • worldbuidling process, sketches and concept art
  • info about my character's personal stories and their development.

In addition I also want to use this platform to share my illustrations and animations, mini-tutorials and work in progress, as well as introduce a new, secret project before posting it to the public!

I want to use Patreon as a way to build a community of fans and supporters around RADIUS.
It will help me to sustain myself as an artist, so I can focus more on telling and drawing all the stories about my characters.

I'm endlessly grateful for your support and interest, so please enjoy your stay! ♥
40% complete
by reaching this goal I will be finally able to finish my short animation film called "insomnia" that is about my OC Tom's sleeping dissorder and provide a deep insight into the making off process, as well as some facts about Tom's backstory and why his nightmares and inner demons are haunting him at night.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts

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