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About Radiant Rock Travel Tours

Welcome to Radiant Rock Travel Tours "virtual style"!
Hi, my name is Tricia and I grew up around all these beautiful rocks & cliffs and canyons. I want you to come with me on explorations in some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States.. maybe the whole world!
Do you live far from the desert of Southern Utah?
Are you limited in your ability or mobility to go outdoors??
I invite you to come along & follow me on these hiking and exploring adventures.
My mission: create & share content of history, geology, local plants & wildlife, and really awesome Southern Utah videos for those who live a long distance away & may not make it to this area or have limited mobility that makes it difficult to get out and about on trails, or climbing around on rocks & hiking through tight spaces.  THIS IS FOR YOU!

Why Patreon?
What a great way to share with one another our passion & interests & experiences & creations! And an easy way to support creators goals & mission.

Thanks to Patreon, and you, By pledging, you directly support my effort to share these experiences to those who may not get a chance to do so themselves. And I offer some fun rewards to you!
 I am asking for your support to help me enhance your virtual experience of these radiant rocks! Please consider subscribing. It allows you to follow me on adventures, help me maintain equipment, help me to take more time & energy to produce these videos & share rewards!!
Various levels of support will reward you with:
  •  monthly/weekly virtual hikes & tours
  • extended footage & out takes
  • digital prints, real prints
  • postcards from where I travel
  • early access & input on where I should go next
  • recognition in my videos & possible chances to join me on a hike & be in video!
  • much more!
Thanks to you, I will be able to travel further, share more places with you & create awesome virtual experiences... You can join me for a live tour also! Who loves exploring nature?
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So excited to start with 100 supporters!  You deserve a big shout out & thanks & appreciation for making a difference in my goal. Thank You! 
This is brand new for me & I am so excited to grow & I'm glad to share my journey with you. This helps with time,effort, & expense I put in the beginning.
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