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Let's Talk.
Let's talk about videogames
just for a moment
born in computer labs
raised by MIT students
and barons of industry
who had no idea
could not even comprehend
what they were looking at
not then or now
and so
bred them in captivity.

Let's talk about videogames
the rejected fruits of a civilization hopped up on VR
the vessels for so many hopes and dreams,
some commendable, some less so.
games the medium
games the wonder drug
games the maybe-things-could-change
techno-fetishist, personal diary games
a battleground where ways of seeing and being clash with each other
but also
something else
an unnamable, unshakeable something
that made us laugh and scream and cry over these games
that made us hold them up as objects of beauty
no matter we might think of any of these dreams
no matter what our own dreams may be.
We still don't know what we're looking at
not completely.

Let's talk about videogames
from every angle we can think of
now that so many of those dreams have imploded
crashed and burned
fallen into disrepair
or merely been exposed
as empty
or toxic
or both.
What's left?
Let's scour together the strip-mined ruins of one more would-be future.
Let's look through the rubble
and see if we can find anything worth holding on to
someplace to start over from
now that so much of the dross has sloughed off
find the words for the thing about videogames that draws you to them,
keeps you near them,
and brought you here.

Because despite everything,
you're still here,
and so am I,
and it's worth knowing why
so let's talk.

Call me Phantom. I write critically about videogames, have done so for several years, at places like +10 to Fire ResistUnwinnable Magazine, and a string of personal blogs including my current homepage on Neocities. I'd like to finally be able to do this full time, and I'd like to expand my approach to encompass video and streaming, but I will need a significant amount of support to do so. The more support I get from patrons like you, the less time I need to spend doing things other than writing to pay my monthly expenses. If you were linked here from something I wrote, consider pitching in!
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