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Daily (more or less) haiku
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I like to express

The theme of a day or week

Via counted words.

I will post those here for you,  my $1 patrons! I will also post a thank you on the Radical Neurodivergence Speaking facebook page.

Delayed live-blogging
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Have you ever wondered what  I'm like inside my head during classes? Or on public transit? This tier is a snapshot of the things I don't say out loud (usually).

(will not actually be liveblogged because that disrespects my professors, but it all gets written down)

Patrons at this level also get a thank you and, if desired, blog link on my long form blog.

Real answers to real questions.
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I will seriously answer questions at this tier, with a minimum of snark. Autism? Epilepsy? Ehlers Danlos? Non-neurodivergence questions?  Send them in and I will answer for you, sincerely and thoroughly.




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About Neurodivergent K

I've wrestled with monetizing my blogging for a long time. I write what I write because it needs writing, and putting it all behind a paywall doesn't match my ethics.

HOWEVER, like most disabled people, and most Autistic people, I really struggle making ends meet. So monetizing is a thing I need to do.

To balance out the ethical conundrum for me: I am not asking you to pay for the things that usually go on the Radical Neurodivergence Speaking blog (though donations are always welcome!). I am instead offering you a chance to access more. The things that happen in between the essays that write themselves and throw my soul on the internet. You're going to see more of my soul here than on the free blog or Facebook page.

I appreciate you for wanting more. I want to give you more. Let's do this?
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Monthly video or picture tutorial for how to do a thing. I can teach you how to crochet (kind of), braid hair, shoot an arrow, do a handstand, make visual aids to autistify your habitat...
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