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About Radical Philosophy

Radical Philosophy is relaunching as an open access journal with a redesigned website and renewed editorial energy. RP will remain, as it has always been, collectively edited, independently published and self-produced.

To sustain this independence, however, we do need to raise funds to cover our basic costs. Previously reliant for our income on subscriptions, primarily from academic libraries, we are now entering a new phase. The huge advantage of our new model is that allows us to open up not only new content but also the whole of our digitised Radical Philosophy archive, stretching from 1972 to the present. Among other benefits, this will enable us to construct a wider community of readers and contributors, including beyond the West European and North American academy, than was possible under our old subs model.

To enable us to build our readership and to continue producing new issues of the journal, the volunteer-run collective is seeking to raise funds through donations. We would be incredibly grateful if you would be willing to support us in this on-going project. Your support will help us not only to keep the journal freely accessible to all of our readers around the world, but also to continue to pay for translations of important philosophical works into English, as we have been doing for more than 45 years. Radical Philosophy was among the first publications to translate important texts by the likes of Foucault and Ranciere into English in the early '70s and since then has translated pieces by authors including Balibar, Benjamin, Cassin, Collin, Echeverria, Horkheimer, Macherey, Malabou, Mbembe, Negri, Rheinberger, Simondon, Stengers, Viveiros de Castro, and many more. 

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