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Creating news and geopolitical analyses about the Eastern Mediterranean.

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About Radio EastMed

Radio EastMed is a brand new news portal that started in January 2020. It is still in its beta stage.

Founded by British journalist Ertan Karpazli - a former editor at TRT World whose work has also been published in Politics Today, T-Vine, On Spec Podcast, Daily Sabah, The Platform, The Fletcher Forum, Cyprus Mail, Reveal and ABC News - Radio EastMed aims to deliver news about all the latest geopolitical developments in the Eastern Mediterranean region, otherwise known as the Near-East or the Levant. This includes the countries of Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Israel, Lebanon, Libya, Palestine, Syria and Turkey.


It is the belief at Radio EastMed that in the grander scheme of things all developments in this region are interlinked and intertwined with each other, and likewise both directly and indirectly influence the dynamics of foreign affairs throughout the world. Every event and incident, agreement and disagreement in this region therefore requires extra attention and careful analysis presented within a fair, objective and detailed context in order to establish informed and constructive dialogue.

Radio EastMed hopes to facilitate that dialogue by maintaining a neutral stance, away from political partisanship and ideological sectarianism, and by providing a resourceful and convenient platform through which readers may gain easy access to accurate reports and information from this area of interest.

Radio EastMed is a completely independent platform run entirely by volunteers and contributors. It has no affiliation to any state bodies, political parties, business lobbies, religious congregations, civil society groups or trade unions. In its first six months, Radio EastMed has already captured an audience of almost 1,000 followers across multiple social media platforms, among whom can be found journalists, diplomats, politicians, economists and security officials who are interested in the Eastern Mediterranean.


With a flexible yet carefully planned out and executed digital marketing and optimisation strategy, it is hoped that the Radio EastMed will soon fulfil its maximum organic growth potential across all mainstream platforms and safely secure for itself a permanent place as a source of unique, insightful and objective information within its relatively untapped niche market. Its services particularly benefit companies or individuals interested in doing business or building relationships in the Eastern Mediterranean as it aids their ability to make appropriate political and security risk assessments.

Due to technical, financial and staffing limitations, the portal currently operates with a devolved structure. This means that very little content is actually uploaded on to the Radio EastMed website. Radio EastMed has a social media-first policy, with a greater emphasis being placed on Twitter. All op-eds, features and editorials are uploaded onto Medium, while podcasts are uploaded on to Youtube. Radio EastMed is also on the verge to launching its own TV show.

At present, Radio EastMed is able to reach a target audience of around 15,000 people with a general engagement rate of up to 20 percent of that figure (3,000 people). These statistics will hopefully continue to rise over time as the portal gradually progresses through the various stages of its business strategy on its way to a hard launch.


In order to really compete in its field, Radio EastMed needs funding. It currently does not have any income from investors, sponsors of advertisers. Everything it has achieved so far has been through the sheer determination of its editor and handful of loyal supporters. Radio EastMed not only wants to be able to continue its momentum and growth rate, it wants to go beyond its current potential and become a dominant source of insightful information from the Eastern Mediterranean. Likewise, it wants to pull this off while maintaining its independence as a news platform.

Radio EastMed needs you, as supporters of free and fair media, to get behind its push to be the best news outlet available that focuses on the East Med region. In return, we promise that your generous donations will be put to good use. It will enable us to create jobs, hire interns and run practical training courses for young, aspiring journalism students from disenfranchised communities in London, UK.

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