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About Radio Free Covenant

Covenant is a diceless tabletop roleplaying game set after the destruction of Earth. Humanity is a refugee species in the Milky Way's Orion Arm. Some humans have been taken in by the Covenant, a multicultural alliance of worlds founded by an alien race called the calerre. Others have made their own empires or joined the Covenant's rivals.
Players can play one of six sapient species 
  • Humans, consummate survivors
  • Acoes, freedom-fighting artificial lifeforms made as biological toys for human children
  • Calerre, ageless and tough founders of the Covenant and its rival the Old Empire
  • Chiroptim, evolved vampire bats from another timeline and dangerous gunslingers and snipers
  • Thk'kok, four-armed sapients whose homeworld has been taken over by human refugees, adaptable and deadly 
  • Valka, descendants of Earth's dinosaurs, each member part of a species-wide hivemind
Characters in Covenant must manage their resources, called Discipline. Everything that they do is a drain on what little Discipline they have. They get their discipline from ties, which are things they hold dear: family, friends, jobs, and ideals. Losing a tie means permanently losing Discipline, so characters must defend what they hold dear or suffer the consequences.
We are currently writing the playtest rules for Covenant. Playtest rules will be released for free to Patreons. Money raised from Patreon will help support the authors and allow them to devote more time and resources to creating and polishing the game.
Covenant's creators are Sean D. Daily and Sezzaz Ronti.
  • Sean D. Daily is a technical writer in Las Vegas, NV. His novel Crossing the Line will be published by Black Opal Books.
  • Sezzaz Ronti is the pseudonym of an artist in Ohio. He is the creator of the valka.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 251 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 251 exclusive posts

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