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About Radio Rethink

We're a small group of devoted community radio fans. With massive experience in both the community radio world and the mobile industry, we're exploring projects to move community and micro-community radio into the spotlight of the mobile media landscape. Check out our website to see what we've been able to accomplish so far.

Much like the public and community radio stations we love, we're not in this to make money. We're working on these projects to help the content of community and public radio reach the widest audience possible and expand into the hands of a new generation.

We believe it's absolutely critical for the marginalized news and public affairs programming of public media to be as available as the content of major broadcast organizations with mobile development and marketing teams. We believe that when it comes to music, nobody digs deeper into the crates than public and community radio DJs. Their unending drive to share the greatest lost, overlooked, or misunderstood musical recordings needs the same mobile availability as the major corporate curators and taste makers who often toss aside the most unique sounds around us.

So that's our quest, to make the best tools to help public and community radio reach as many adventurous ears and eyes as possible. Interested in helping us out?
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This goal will help offset the monthly costs we have been covering to offer up our mobile-friendly player to radio stations around the country. This also accounts for accommodating 15-20 new stations in the next year.
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