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Radio Amigo

$1 /mo
Radio Amigo: Offering up a dollar a month is no small gesture. It means a ton to us, and your contribution goes a long way to helping this project grow. We'd love to send you a special thank you.

Radio Hugger

$5 /mo
Radio Hugger: Go on, get in there for a big old bear hug! Thank you for your commitment to keeping this project going. As a way to say thanks we'd like to send you a Radio Rethink sticker.

Radio Lover

$10 /mo
Radio Lover: Your support is a big boost to community and public radio stations around the country. We'd like to say thank you by sending you a special Radio Rethink magnet.

Radio Legend

$45 /mo
Radio Legend: Your contribution ensures that we can keep expanding this project. As one of only five patrons available for this tier, we'd like to offer up a spot to thank you personally in the cre...