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About Radio Station by Netmix

Originally created by plugin author, Nikki Blight, Netmix sought to take over the Radio Station plugin in June 2019, so that we could pick up from where Nikki left off and make improvements, modifications, introduce new features and plan for a PRO version of the plugin.
Radio Station is a plugin to manage radio station’s website and programming schedule. It’s functionality is based on Drupal 6’s Station plugin, reworked for use in WordPress. The plugin includes the ability to create a Show post type and associate users (DJs) with “shows” (schedulable blocks of time that contain a description, and other meta information), and generate playlists associated with those shows. The plugin contains a widget to display the currently on-air DJ with a link to the DJ’s show and current playlist. A schedule of all shows can also be generated and published as a table or as tabs.

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