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About RadIsh

RadIsh is a show and tell podcast where we bring you "Just The Good Stuff".  Each week, Sean Barry, Tyler Menk, Andrew Edge, and Will Farr bring you something worth sharing to get you through the week.  They also curate a playlist of straight fire called "Bangers and Mashups" on Spotify.  By becoming a patreon, you can support these 4 lowly fools as they keep up their quest for the dopest stuff in the world. 
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Kind Stranger
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Hey thanks for the buck! You get to see all of the locked posts here and we will follow you on twitter from the official Radish account.  We will also give you a shoutout on the next episode.  
RadIsh Patch Kid
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You're movin' on up in the club ranks!  This tier gets you the benefits from the $1 Dollar tier PLUS an extra bonus mini episode every month.  
Radford's Finest (Producer!!!)
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YOU ROCK!  At this tier you get the benefits of all previous tiers PLUS we will credit you in the end of EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of RadIsh. As well as shout you out on Twitter and whatever other social media you want (Tyler is on all of them).  Thanks!!!
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This would cover ALL of our monthly hosting and production fees!  We could conceivably do this forever if we hit this goal!  Let's keep this RadIsh train a rollin'!!!
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