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~You make a point~
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Every painting starts with a dot, a single point. I thank you for yours.

-Once a month a small digital copy of my work with a short inspirational message from me. Who knows, maybe it will be just what you need to hear.

~The triangle rising~
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A lot can be built on a triangle. We're talking 3 dimensions here!

-Same as Tier 1

-Once a year set of 5 postcards shipped to you for the time of your patronage

Deep and Heartfelt Thank You

~Flower of Life Manifesting~
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One circle, 6 points, 6 circles and we talk sacred geometry.


-Same as Tier 1 

-Twice a year (6months period) set of 6 postcards shipped to you for the time of your patronage

- 10% discount on all printed material in my Etsy shop, from the 3rd month of your patronage on.

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                   ~HALLO & WELCOME ON MY PATREON PAGE~

Who am I?
I'm a  self-tought painter and creator of colourful innerworld messages and soulful pieces of art intending to inspire the realisation that there is more to reality than what we see. I'm a  human being on a journey of self-inquiry. I'm someone who wishes to share their vision with the world and do my pART in the global healing process.

Reawakening of Gaia

Raised in former Czechoslovakia, I studied English as a second language at the University of Pilsen, moved to Germany where-over 20 years ago- I changed the course of my life, dedicating myself fully to my passion of painting. Worked for over 10 years as an event decorater with my UV active artwork, that I still ocasionally revisit for cooperations with other artists. In 2012 I added an education of a Feng Shui Consulter.
After that I drifted in the direction soulful, spiritual & visionary art. Nowdays, I live on the second smallest Canary Island La Gomera, away from the rush of the overcivilised world, where my artwork began to blossom and I also started to write. 

What do I do?
The best work comes when I follow the inner lead, when I have the peace and time to dive into the inner space of inspiration. I create what could be put in the category Soul/ Spiritual/Visionary Art. I love using geometric patterns and sacred geometry, combined with natural realistic style.

New Born Star
Over the past 5 years I started to express more abstract inner and spiritual topics. Accompanied by written words they create powerful & soulful messages.
I am actively living my own spiritual path, working with A Course In Miracles since many years, being a student of Marianne Williamson, Katie Byron, Teal Swan and others. Giving myself the freedom to avoid spiritual dogmas I can 'mix it all in' and add something new, when an inspiration tells me so. It's very exciting to put all these years of experience down on paper and pass it on, hopefuly creating something new,  fresh and profound. 

'Cards od Alignment'
 A year ago I started working on a deck of 52 cards, creating both the paintings and writings (I write in English. German version will be done as soon as the english one is ready). This is the first creation in the direction I'm heading. I call them 'Cards of  Alignment'. These cards are not tarot or any kind of oracle cards, much more they are messages to use in everyday life, offering a different, profound and spiritual perspective on situations, relationships, encounters and circumstances. They also offer tools and suggestions how to find our own answers & solutions.
This is the vision I have for my work. It feels like a true calling and a beautiful way of expansion.

Examples of the cards that are already made

Why Patreon?

Living on a touristic island might seem like endless holidays and just a few realise that making living in these places is a challenging thing to do. In the 5-6 months of the main winter season, I can live with my heART, however the time to dedicate fully to new creations, especially pieces that are not for sell like the set of cards,  is the rest of the year, when life gets more quiet and I can withdraw and work. Unfortunately till now this was the time with nearly no income.

Patreon and the support of others seems like an amazing opportunity to create the necessary financial bridge for those low months, so that I can stay in the creative flow, dive even deeper into it, instead of leaving the island for jobs that will pay my bills. 
I live a modest life and the costs are not high. I also have faith that at some point a good offer of reproductions can provide for me. Till then I 'm asking for your support.
It is not easy to ask for help and I'm doing it with the hope that you will understand. 

How would I use your funds:
Reproduction: It is becoming fundamental for my artistic journey to offer reproductions of my artwork. That needs good equipment for my studio together with professional help, as well as some upgrades in materials. I also need to consider the transport of all reproductions to La Gomera.
I do believe that creating a good offer of prints, posters, postcards, calenders etc. is the first step that can ease my life as an artist without interrupting it,  and allow me to reach more people with my work both in person here on the island and in internet.

Work time: As I mentioned before, the main time I can dedicate to painting is in the low season between May- October. If your funds allow it, I would use them at least partly to cover some of my costs. This would make a huge load falling off my shoulders and allow me a full dive into creating something amazing.

My promise to you
My promise to you is that I will treat each Euro or Dollar or Cent that you decide to give with my highest respect, as symbols of your trust. I promise to you that I will give my heart and soul to create artwork of both painting and words, that reflects my highest integrity as an artist and a human being.

I'm an Other You


                                                        AND BRAVE ENOUGH TO ASK FOR IT

$96 of $990 per month

The first goal is to create wide offer of prints and various reproductions of my artwork, to increase the income from my artwork.

The second one is to gain time needed for continuing with my 'Cards of Alignment' that I write about in the text. It is growth and expansion matter of creating more complex material and sharing more of who I really am.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts

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