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About Rad Patch Co

Hey guys! I'm Rachel and I'm the human behind Rad Patch Co.

I am a self taught embroiderer and patch maker. Embroidery art has pulled me through some truly dark times and it's what continues to keep me going (well, besides my cats). A few years ago, after being diagnosed with some chronic and debilitating illnesses, I was forced to leave my employment. I had no other choice but to attempt to support myself with my art, which had been "just a hobby" up until this point.

Among other things, I suffer from Fibromyalgia, ME, Chronic Migraine, Asthma and Hyper Mobility. I battle against my illnesses daily, and so far, I have managed to scrape by; but honestly, I’m struggling.

My goal is to keep my focus on making beautiful (or horrifying) pictures with thread and fabric, and if I sell a thing or two that's a bonus; but realistically, I also need to buy supplies, eat, pay for meds and keep a roof over my head. Having a regular monthly income via Patreon would be extremely helpful to me, especially as I’ve been forced to cut down my embroidery hours due to issues related to my illnesses.

If you enjoy my work and would like to help support it, I would love for you to become a patron - every little bit helps! If you choose not to become a patron, that's ok too. I understand, I really do.

Thank you to those who support me and my work, in any way possible. I owe you, big time. Without you, I wouldn't be here.
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Having this many patrons would take a large weight off my chronically ill shoulders and would allow me more time to focus on being creative.

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