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ESGST is an extension made for SteamGifts and SteamTrades that adds a lot of features to those sites and vastly improves the user experience in them.

By becoming a patron you help maintain a server for ESGST, which acts as a mediator between the user and the various places that ESGST retrieves data from. This allows ESGST to be a lot faster when retrieving some data, because instead of each user making those requests, the server makes them, and then the user makes a single request to the server.
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This is the basic (and only) tier. Patrons of this tier get higher priority when it comes to bugs/suggestions.
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This will help maintain a server for ESGST. The hosting service I use is https://www.hostgator.com.br/hospedagem-de-sites, which is worth R$21,90 (about $5.55). The goal is $6 to cover fees.
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