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About Rage Login!

I'm trying to get into proper comedy with some freelance journalism and as a group we're mostly into tech related topics. Including gaming. Sadly this also spills over into the realm of the dreaded political correctness and social justice mobs. This is a result of those clashes. Including my work on RageLogin! Most of RageLogin's members are students. Some are between jobs. I do what I can but I could use a hand. That's why the goals are pretty low.

Our flagship is the PoPPc or "The Pissed Off People's Podcast". Within the PoPPc we have the zeroP-threeD or 0p3d section. An opinion and editorial section we will lead off with when included. After that would be gaming and gaming culture related news quickly followed by tech and security news. Last is the lewdnews segment we try to include in every podcast. It usually some off-color tongue in cheek bit of news related to games or gaming that is particularly funny, immature, or applies to consumption geared toward the adult fantasy audience. The majority of the streamed podcast is the gaming, technology and security segments. It's filled with some heated discussions based on research, poor research, anecdotal analogies and misinformation. By the time we move on to the next topic we've either figured out more-or-less what's going on and how it applies to the community at large or agreed to disagree. 

I personally stream from twitch and youtube on occasion. We make videos that are comical or somehow interesting. With better editing these videos will become briefer, more on-point and of higher quality. We're already talking to some freelancers who will help out for experience but with your help we might be able to pay them for their work to boot. Any funds left over would be invested in the channel's growth.

Any help is appreciated.
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As this is mostly hobby our costs are minimal right now. Most of this money would go to getting extra copies of games or upgrading hardware of those who join me in filming the RageLogin channel videos. I'd also invest a good part of it in getting those videos actually edited properly. And pizza (maybe).
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