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About Ragged Foils Productions

Hi there, we're Ragged Foils Productions. Set up by actor, voice over artist and director Natalie Winter in 2019, we produce the Ragged Scratch Podcast - a new writing scratch 'night', in podcast form!

We platform new writing talent in the audiodrama industry and give actors and directors a chance to hone their craft in this unique medium.

The first season of the Ragged Scratch Podcast, released in late September 2019, brought listeners two micro bites of audiodrama goodness per episode, plus interviews with the writers and creatives.

All the creatives involved volunteer their time and creative skills to make the Ragged Scratch Podcast happen, so we'd like to ensure that they get the best possible value from taking part. That includes an mp3 copy of the piece they were involved in for their portfolio, plus social media shoutouts and assets. Season 1 was recorded in a room above a pub as rough and ready scratch audio - but for Season 2 onwards we want to give the writing the best possible quality and platform it can have by securing a better venue, plus supporting the ongoing costs of hosting the podcast and setting up it's own shiny shiny showcase website.

Each season involves approximately 12 writers, 6-12 directors, 12-36 actors, 1 recording engineer/editor/epic sound wizard and 1 producer/spreadsheet high priestess, which is a rather large number of creatives involved. If we raise enough money we would also love to cover their expenses and even (blue-sky thinking now) pay them properly.

It is important to the values of the Ragged Foils team that the core podcast remain free and accessible, so we would love for those listeners who do feel like they can financially contribute us to support us where possible.
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(£52.50/month, or £210/season) Huzzah!

We've covered the basic costs of producing one season of the podcast! This ensures that we can secure a quality recording location, plus covers hosting, software subscriptions and setting up a Ragged Foils exclusive website (rather than just a page on Nat's website).
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