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For a dollar-a-month I pledge to eat a bug. It may look like a Fig Newton but I guarantee you there's bugs in those damn things.
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Five bucks per month will get you a hand-drawn "Thank-you!" comic featuring evil Republicans and cute cats, plus I'll eat a bug.
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Pledge ten simoleons a month and I'll caricature you, or someone of your choice (Think of the brownie points!) in a comic of my choosing. I'll also send you the original, signed B&W art along with a color copy. (Unless it's a B&W comic, which sometimes happens because it's, you know, cool and all.) You also get the "Thank you!" sketch and I'll eat a delicious bug.




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About Mike Stanfill

I've been a freelance commercial artist for many years but, to be honest, I'd prefer spending my time creating the type of content that raises awareness of complex issues, particularly those regarding the welfare of the 99%. With your financial encouragement, as little as a measly buck a month (or more, you never know), I could concentrate on crafting the kind of progessive comics that will have you throwing things at the TV whenever the GOP is mentioned.
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