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About Ragnarok MUD

We are a group of friends who have built a fun little virtual world to explore. The Ragnarok MUD game has been online since 1992, and offers a light-hearted game set in a fantasy medieval realm. Players who are so inclined may work their way up to add realms of their own to the game, so it is ever-expanding and ever-evolving.

This Patreon page is a convenient place for our players and supporters to come to help defray the costs of running the game server and hosting it online for everyone to enjoy.  

Ragnarök is a growing realm set to a nordic/medieval/fantasy theme. It is a text-based adventure game where your surroundings are described to you in prose, and you take your actions by typing them to the game, like "GO NORTH", "LOOK AT THE STATUE", or "WIELD SWORD".

We have a decidedly silly and frivolous atmosphere and a “do-it-yourself” spirit. Our main focus is quality over quantity. You can look at almost everything here, and you’re encouraged to slow down, relax, enjoy the scenery and the small, cozy atmosphere. Silliness is always afoot in Ragnarök!
The players and wizards here are a fun and friendly group, and we mean to keep it that way. You don’t have to “conform”, but you do have to exercise good judgement. We won’t tolerate abusive or offensive players who clearly don’t appreciate our goals and ideals. Ragnarök is a place where you check your “real life” at the door and come to a comfortable environment to be with friends.

We pride ourselves on our unique and challenging quests. Swing by the Adventurer’s Guild for more info, and be sure to read the bulletin board there for news and updates. The newspaper in the Pub is regularly updated with news as well.

Most content you encounter includes fantasy violence (like fighting ogres and other monsters in daring hand-to-hand combat) and magic, substances such as alcohol, and generally feels like a "PG-13" movie would if using the MPAA rating system, with an occasional "R" moment here and there.
61% complete
When we reach $50 in contributions, we'll accelerate our plans to finish the magic mapper. This is a graphical client which gives you real-time maps on your computer as you explore the realms.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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