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The first woman to breath in Rahviose was a giantess, capable of sorcery than even the master magicians could barley fathom. Her husband was a psychotic destroyer, with periods of sanity. Together they killed the behemoth, Bahamut, to make the soil. They pulled the leviathan, Cordeus, from the ocean. Cordeus' fall would spill in small crevasses carved with its bones in the Bahamut's veins, causing rivers and streams. Its flesh dissolved into the water to bring fertility to the soil and pinned the Ziz-Shashadook to the stars; its ever-free heart becoming the sun.

But when the three titans were slain, the nameless first man came for the woman. After a lengthy battle her sorcery and blade slew him, causing his mana to make her with child. She gave birth to 6 children; the 7th, being small and fragile, was a still birth. Her tears of mourning resurrected him; soulless. Over the millennia, this curse spread to his siblings, as man became civilized. And at the peak of their madness, those children followed in their father's footsteps of creating chaos and casualty. The woman could not kill them, but she could use all of her knowledge of sorcery to forcefully make them sleep peacefully, forever.

In doing so, she was not destroyed, but she was without life force. Slowly changing to a stone visage of herself, as mountains violently erupted from the behemoth. For his slayers were dead by their own hands, the spirits of the great beast caused nature to begin its cycle. The people made pilgrimages to her statue to pray.
But over time, they stopped. The last bit of faith keeping the statue from succumbing to time was banished.

Now she has broken, and there is no true forever. Her children are waking, and man is evolving.


We at Kazzuma Creations, LLC professionally support and advertise the arts, ranging from sketch artists to program devs and everyone in between. Our goal is to make an immersive roleplaying game, with a world that is based on the stories of its players. We would like to make it as easy as possible on our team to get their due for the beauty they help bring into the world.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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