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About Rainbow Animal Aid

Hello everyone,

I am Jigna, founder of this charity called Rainbow Animal Aid which is a registered Not-For-Profit based in Diu, a remote island near Gujarat, India. request of unfortunate stray animals of Diu who are under my foster care.

I'm a 22 y/o running this charity without any administrative support, I totally depend on funds from my parents and well wishers. I don't have any team and operate single handedly. 

Our main concern is, we are from Diu, a remote island in India with no Veterinary services. We don't even get an Anti Rabies Vaccination locally. I buy from outstation and give to stray animals myself. There isn't a single boarding or foster homes for injured, sick or distressed stray animals in Diu.

Diu has no animal feeder so I myself feed 270+ dogs, 100+ cats, 50+ birds & fee cattles every each day including other activities. Also for sterilization, we travel 5 hours by taking animals in our car, get them sterilized and come back home. Post operative is done by myself.

Any animal who's in critical situation, dies because of unavailability of quality Veterinary facilities. We can't shift animals who are serious to outstation because of not having an NGO vehicle or an ambulance. This is just the overview of how my current situation is.

Animal Birth Control Program in Diu is as equal as null. There are raining puppies and kittens season here for us round the year, with not getting all our healthy fosters adopted, our hands gets bound to not help in admitting any new case because of space, man power and resources getting stretched.

Due to Lack of awareness in local public of Diu, we even struggle explaining people that how buying of an animal takes a chance of an animal wating for home in a shelter, how parent animals are abused in "majority" of the breeding facilities and why you should choose adoption over buying a pet.

Through thick and thin, we have managed coming this far and we'll still thrive till the day we have our own shelter with 24*7 emergency ambulance and surgical OT facilities with our own lab & imaging centre for all the homeless animals based in Diu and around.

To fulfil my dream for stray animal come true, help us in keeping us with our monthly costing by becoming a Patreon.

We'd be really happy to share any bills you's like to check or any proofs you'd like yo get, just send us a mail on [email protected]

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