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Hi! My name is Audrey and the main reason this place exists is that I want to take writing requests from you. I tend to lean more toward speculative fiction, but this is hardly exclusive. Length, genre, and subject matter are all pretty negotiable.

My policy on writing fandom stuff is that I’m not comfortable with being paid for specific works, but if you want to throw a few dollars at me so that I can drink coffee while I work on your prompt, I figure that’s fine. You can find my fandom writings here, and should I receive any fandom requests, this is where they will be posted.

All that aside, I'm in the middle of putting together some original projects as well.

What will you find in my stories? Unreliable narrators, polyamorous couples, queer characters, forgotten places, rooms that shouldn't be there but somehow are, fairies, elves, deep sea monsters, mermaids, gardens that contain riddles, paintings that talk, silly goofballs with sad histories, painted dandies, people who can see and hear ghosts, Victorians, and lots more.

In addition to this, I can provide bonus snapshot stories, interviews, letters from characters--all sorts of fun little creative extras.

If you have something of your own that needs polishing, I'm also excellent at proofreading and line editing via Googledocs. 

Current writing projects include:

A series of canon short stories set in Vastderp's comic Kagerou.

Current editing projects include:

Thank you. <3
$108.31 of $200 per month
This would be enough to take care of my living expenses for the month with enough left over that I could finally BREATHE. I am not sure what would happen. Well, I'm sure of one thing: I'll faint dead away, and once my reanimated body has recovered itself and shambled back to the writing desk, something AMAZING will happen. Suggestions welcome.

(This is also my giant golden fantasy milestone--I'm completely delighted with however much gets donated. X))
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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