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About Joni @ Rainbow Curve


I’m Joni. You’re probably here because you’ve seen my work on InstagramFacebook, or somewhere else. Thanks for visiting— I’m glad you’re here!

Many of my followers love to share in the joy of the creative process, and enjoy seeing the next photo-shoot that features my work, using my work as inspiration for their own creations, or even just learning what I'm up to lately. Or perhaps you are simply a person who likes to support artists making beautiful things! 

If you found yourself here, I’m sure that you can appreciate the magic that fairly oozes from these pieces...

…but magic always comes with a price. Materials are expensive, and many of my designs end up forever bound within the pages of some dusty tome, yearning to tear free, but unable to do so for lack of that one important reagent: gold.

If you would like me to continue innovating, creating, and sharing my gift with the world, please consider pledging your support to allow me to pull these more over-the-top couture pieces off the pages of my sketchbook and into this world!

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Buy a better silk stretching frame! At the moment, I'm using a painter's frame, which is made from the wrong sort of materials and in the wrong shape for the sort of work I'm doing with it. At this pledge level, I can start to afford to get the right tools for the job.
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