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初めまして!I'm Kaila, a Filipina kawaii lifestyle blogger & (video) content creator based in Japan. I make kawaii journaling, Japan travel, and happy videos on youtube. I've been sharing about my simple life and things that I love through my blog (the.rainbowholic.me). 

To get to know more about my & life passion, read  this and this (please read later after reading the paragraphs below lol).

I'm a crazy dreamer & a goal-getter. If I want to achieve something, I do whatever it takes. Establishing my own personal brand online took a lot of hard work, a pile of failures, and of course.. a big bucket of positivity & determination to keep going. It's been a real challenge for me to live here in Japan while juggling multiple jobs just to fund my creative & entrepreneurial ventures. I am my own angel investor, tbh lol.

And NOW, I want to challenge myself more. I believe that what I have started has more potential to grow bigger. I want to reach out to more people and to inspire them that all dreams are possible if you work earnestly with all your heart & persistently with your 300% effort. I want to share the happiness that I feel within me when I journal, work on a craft project, or send a rainbow mail / rainbow care package. I'm currently doing all of these too but now, I want to grow it more with these ideas in my head.

I've decided to finally launch my patreon this time because financially, I need your collective help. I have these crazy ideas and projects in mind but it's hard right now for me to produce because I don't make enough money to fund this creative work. Currently, I'm the one-woman team of Rainbowholic blog / youtube / shop. (UPDATE: I work with my partner now and last May 2019, Rainbowholic has become a real company here in Japan.) If we make enough here, I might be able to hire and outsource more people to be part of the team (not only from Japan, but around the world). Because of my readers / clients' help from years ago, I was able to bring my parents to Japan and to show them around. I was able to buy my current vlogging camera. I was able to raise funds for my Dad's therapy / cancer treatment. Because people have been so generous and helpful, I want to become better & to improve more as a content creator. 

Presently, I am capable enough to live a comfortable life with my current cashflow but.. you know me, I'm a CRAZY dream achiever so I want to go out of my comfort zones by creating more, producing more, and making more! More quality work means that I also have to upgrade my current gear so that I can produce more fun crafting / Japan travel projects with better audio / visuals ( edit: as of 2019, I've already achieved this! thank you patrons!). And through patreon, we can work on these projects together. I will ask your opinions or suggestions about future project plans. I've been handling multiple orders through  Rainbowholic Shop for years & if you want a monthly postcard / mail / care package from me, feel free to choose the tier / reward you'd like to have. Think of this as a Japan / kawaii monthly box but it's MORE fun because you get to interact with me & you can see some of my BTS / random updates. I don't even mind sharing some ideas for your dream Japan travel plans! Basically, Rainbowholic Patreon is a channel for us to help out each other. :)

Right now, I have  Icecream, Matcha, Sakura, Rainbow, Kawaii Character Box (NEW), Double Rainbow, Super Rainbow, and Unicorn tiers (+ NEW COMBINATION TIERS). You can read the description per tier at the right side.  If you are interested in behind-the-scenes updates, life tips, photo spams, journal with me livestream sessions, care packages from Japan, early viewing of my videos, patron-exclusive content (blog / videos)... maybe you'd like to join the #rainbowholicpatreon community! ^^

[Click here for the current month / June 2020 rewards]

Check #rainbowholicpatreon hashtag on instagram for reviews.

(January 2019 rewards) Here are just some photos for your references. These are not the actual ones. :)

Click here for the reward/ package preview!

[Japan Travel Guide for Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Kyoto, etc.]

Become a Sakura Tier ($15) patron to gain access to the following patreon-EXCLUSIVE content:

April 2018 Reward: How To Layout A Page

May 2018: How To Make A Kawaii Notebook From Scratch
June 2018 Reward: DIY Kawaii Stationery Ideas
July 2018 Reward: Washi Tape Art Tutorial
August 2018: DIY Mini Hobonichi Diary Tutorial
September 2018: Make A Kawaii Vision Board
October 2018: 5 Creative Journal Page Ideas (Holidays)
November 2018: Journal Page Ideas for Setting Goals Next Year
December 2018: My Filming & Editing Secrets / How I Make Journal With Me Videos
January 2019: Cherry Blossom Tree Page Demo
February 2019: Reconstructing A Traveler's Notebook Insert
March 2019: Making A Letter Set Using Stationery
April 2019: Different Ways To Use Washi Tape
May 2019: Making a Mini Postcard Accordion Diary
June 2019: Making a Happy Mail Journal (Recycled!)
July 2019: How to transform a basic Daiso Notebook into a KAWAII journal
August 2019: 5 Autumn Kawaii Journaling Challenge Page Ideas 
September 2019: How Washi Tapes Are Made + Factory Tour
October 2019: How I Plan Rainbowholic Patreon Work (planning, packing, & shipping!)
November 2019: Relaxing Journal With Me: Gratitude Page & Winter Wonderland (Part 1)
December 2019: Kawaii Calendar / Date Labels + Upcycled Washi Tape Storage Tutorial
January 2020: Relaxing Journal With Me 🍀 + Foldable Paper Trash Can 🗑 Tutorial
February 2020: DIY Kawaii Journal Using A Message Card?! 💡 + Spring Challenge Page Ideas! 🌸
March 2020: Traveler's Notebook 🧳 Journal With Me | Hakone Summer Trip 2019
BONUS VIDEO: My 2020 Daily Journal So Far (a chatty flip-through
April 2020: How I Journal During Quarantine 📒

. . . . . . . . . . . . 

YoutuberainbowholicTV | IG@rainbowholic
Twitter@kailaroo | FBfb.com/rainbowholic

Thanks for reading until the end! ^_^

- - - 

(Kawaii illustrations by patreon.com/chichilittle)

94% complete
Since we've reached the previous super super goal (lol), here is another one! When we reach this goal, I will be designing another patreon-exclusive washi tape to be produced in Japan / Taiwan. The design/s will be voted by patrons.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 395 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 395 exclusive posts

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