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Finished pages of the current comic(s)/story(ies) in reduced size as they are completed. Thanks for your support!


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Everything I post, including voting for upcoming projects/stories. Your support is extremely appreciated!


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About Mosa

What does the cat make?

I'm Mosa, a cat who has been drawing furry art since 1999. You can see more of my work on my various galleries here: - most recent art - my personal site. Mostly clean art only.

I am primarily an illustrator of adult themed artwork, but I also love writing stories, illustrating full scenes, designing characters, cultures, languages, and other world building stuff. The most convenient way to combine all of these is to make comics or illustrated novels. That is what this Patreon is for.

What is the cat making NOW?

If you decide to pledge right now, you will receive updates related to the following, depending on your pledge level:

"The Blacksmith", a comic collaboration between myself and Blackmist333 of FA. He wrote the story and owns the characters, and I'm illustrating it (I also designed the characters for him). This is a 14 page, full color NSFW comic focusing on a liaison between Jamie and Kat, two hermaphrodites/shemales. It features size difference between the two characters, same-sex pairing, and large insertions.
As it is still a WIP, those who pledge will see the various stages of each page: panel roughs, clean pencils, inks, flats, and finals. Other related snippets may be included as well.

- doodles, design, concept art, worldbuilding etc for various unnamed projects that hopefully will become developed enough to turn into comics, illustrated stories, or bizarre combinations of the two.

- any other odds and ends I decide to upload. May include things like:
-- custom brushes for Clip Studio Paint, custom textures, background elements, or other such resources.
-- tutorials, tips, and/or walkthroughs for various things, either artwork related, or program related.
-- WIP recordings, if I make any.

Anything I create now or in the future will likely be adult in nature, or have at least some adult content in it at some point. Please keep this in mind when deciding whether you should pledge.

How it works

You pledge however much per month that you feel like. The more you pledge, more content will be posted for you.

ONE DOLLAR - Everyone who pledges the minimum of $1 will get the finished pages of the current comic(s)/story(ies) in reduced size as they are completed. Thanks for your support!

FIVE DOLLARS - Everything I post, including voting for upcoming projects/stories. Your support is extremely appreciated!

TEN DOLLARS - Same as $5, but you want to give more. You are awesome!

TWENTY DOLLARS - Same as $5 and $10, but you're also crazy. And you just really like my stuff, I guess!

Update Frequency
Various WIPs on the current project, and other odds and ends on "developing" projects throughout the month. At least one completed page of the current project per month, perhaps two, depending on how detailed the art style is. Might be more frequent in the future depending on how much time I will have to work on things.

Mosa, what if I like your art and want to support you, but I have no interest in the current story/projects?
You have two options then.

Option one: Don't pledge. When I move on to the next project/story, I will announce it on my various journals/twitter. If the new story seems more your thing, come on back and feel free to pledge at that time.

Option two: Pledge anyway, then just ignore the current story. It's only a dollar, so consider it a tip. Or pledge $5 to enjoy the melting pot of miscellaneous stuff and the ability to vote on a story proposal that you enjoy the sound of.

Why Pledge?

Let's be real. Pirates pledge just to grab content and post it elsewhere for free, and I myself will eventually post most of this stuff on my own galleries. So why give me money to see the stuff here when you can just see it later or elsewhere for free?

When you pledge, you're telling the artist that not only do you enjoy the artwork and the stories, but you care about the time put into the work and the years spent learning and practicing. You are telling the artist, "Please make more!" and supporting the continued creation of these things. Whether you participate (in discussions, offer suggestions, vote in polls for the next story, or simply comment) or remain silent and simply enjoy, your $1 (or more) speaks volumes.

Exclusives, Extras and Perks?
What exclusives I will be providing are things like WIP stages and the like, concept art and designs, full resolution finals, first access to finished work. Vote in polls, make suggestions, etc. You know, the usual.

I will not be doing raffles or giving away any free or discount commission slots through this Patreon. I will not be offering any commission slots at all through this Patreon. That is not the focus of what I'm doing here. If you want a commission from me, you can visit my personal webpage or wait for slot announcements on my gallery pages/twitter/telegram channel.

Specifically, you pledge because you want to support me, because you like what I'm already doing. Not to get special treatment for commissions.

I am also not offering any mailed physical copies of anything produced on this Patreon for any specific tiers of patronage. It's too much time and work to print and ship things to multiple people every month.

What does the future hold?

So you've decided that you're interested in the current story contents, and want to pledge now, but are unsure if you'll be interested in future content once this story is done.

Or you're not interested in the current content, but you like the art and wonder if future content might appeal to you.

I'm an illustrator, not a prophet, so I can't see the future. I have some general ideas of some of the stories I'd like to tell, characters I'd like to develop, and themes I'd like to explore, but ultimately, I don't yet know which will get priority and end up as the next thing on my list or which things will even happen at all.

I can, however, offer up a general list of things that are likely to be elements in future projects. This is a bit difficult to do, since I'm interested in a lot of things. It would be easier to list the stuff I'm not ever going to include, but such a list might be mistaken as potential future content if someone were just skimming. So here is some stuff that will possibly show up in future projects.

Cis- and transgender/transsexual characters. Male, female, and hermaphrodite/intersex characters.
Usual and unusual/unconventional gender roles and relationships. Transvestites of any sex/gender. Pairings/groups of all sex/gender. Polyamory and other multiple partner relationships. Straight, gay, and queer relationships.

Adult scenes
BDSM, non-con (it's fantasy, after all), tentacles, goo, sexchange tf, size difference, sibling incest (mainly twincest).

As someone who reads broadly in many genres and enjoys many themes if the story is compelling, I can't say there's any genre or theme that definitely will not come up, even ones I usually don't care for on their own. Inspiration can be a funny thing that way.

Obviously, anything I create here will be furry in nature. Not because I only create furry stuff (untrue, most of my personal writing is all human characters), but because all of my followers came my way as part of the furry fandom.

I like fantasy of various types, sci-fi of various types, a bit of mystery, character relationships, and interesting settings. Expect things like that.

Transitioning to a new project

$5 and up Patrons will have access to a list of potential characters/stories with accompanying themes/genres and other elements, and are able to vote on which ones they're most interested in. When it comes time for me to choose the next project, the most popular one at that time will be the one I begin to develop further. Once the current main project starts to near completion, the next one will be announced publicly. At that point, if you are currently pledging, you should decide whether the new project is of any interest to you, so you can plan to either continue or stop your pledge.

WIPs of pages for the new project will start once the previous project is completed, or nearly so.

Once a project is complete, its contents will be removed from Patreon. Be sure to save whatever you want to keep before that happens.

The miscellaneous odds and ends that are posted, such as bits of design for other projects, or resources like brushes, textures, or tutorials, will remain posted.
$5.46 of $250 per month
At least two finished comic pages per month, guaranteed.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts

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