Rainbow Riots

is creating creative projects advocating for LGBTQ rights globally

About Rainbow Riots

Rainbow Riots is non-profit organisation advocating for human rights for LGBTQ people globally, using arts and culture as our tools. Our creative projects often take place in countries where it is illegal or controversial to be gay.

There are more than a hundred million people living in countries where being a minority with a different sexual orientation is punishable, sometimes by death. Rainbow Riots mission is to fight hatred with creativity.

Rainbow Riots was founded in 2012 by Petter Wallenberg, a Swedish artist, musician, author and human rights activist, who had the vision to collaborate with other members of the LGBTQ community all over the world to advocate for equality. Over the years Rainbow Riots has grown into an international creative collective and a registered organisation that has created and launched a string of high profile international projects which have become milestones in the fight for equality:

*In 2019 we opened Uganda's first LGBTQ community centre. In Uganda it is illegal to LGBTQ so the centre was a safe space to welcome the Ugandan LGBT community to engage in creative and community building activities.

*Also in 2019 we created the music album ’Rainbow Riots India’ in collaboration with India’s first openly LGBTQ singers and dancers. The project was part of the movement that leaglized same sex relations in India and the first single ’Love is Love’ was dubbed ”India’s first Pride anthem” by Indian media.

*In 2018 we launched ’Rainbow Riots Radio’ a web radio series of queer stories from around the world, mixing investigative journalism, spoken word poetry and music especially composed by queer artists.

*In 2017 we created the music album ’Rainbow Riots’ featuring queer voices from the world’s most dangerous countries for LGBTQ people; Uganda to South Africa, Jamaica and Malawi. The album was championed by the BBC who called it ”the ultimate protest” and Dazed Digital who called it ”the zenith of international queer activism.” The first single ’Equal Rights’ was part of an official campaign campaign for the United Nation's Global Goals.

*Since 2012 we run Rainbow Riots Forum on Facebook, a space where people from all over the world can share and discuss LGBTQ-related issues and topics.

Music, films and stage performances by Rainbow Riots have been featured at Pride parades and LGBTQ-related events around the world, including Sydney Mardi Gras (Australia), Mumbai Pride (India), Pride Uganda (Uganda), CINEMQ (China), Kashish Queer Film Festival (India), Stockholm Pride (Sweden) and Hamburg Pride (Germany).

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