is creating Open and Frank Content about treating severe bone cancer pain.

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I will use my 5 years of working on cruise ships and my knowledge of lines, ports and money saving tips to find you and get you on your way with the best cruise experience you can have, no travel agent or cruise sales bull shit.




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For 10 years my bone cancer was not much more than a pest, in March 2015 I fell down at work and when my broken shoulder was imaged they found my bone mats have spread throughout my spine, hips and ribs.  This has caused a ripple effect and in a few short months has left me in severe bone, nerve and joint pain. 
 I enjoy sharing about my experience, I made a choice to avoid opiates as they work but steals so much more of life it is not a option for me a man who struggles with depression. So I use cannabis and cannabis products to allow me to have basic quality of life. Even with the Devil's Lettuce, it takes me a full two days to recover from any activity more than two hours. 
  I live on disability actually less than $600 a month after my rent is paid. I am completely unable to work even part time. But I can still write, so any monthly commitment can improve my quality of life from food, to medication and all the other things I need to get by. I am asking for your support if you feel my sharing of my life is important and offers help to others who read it.  Does the last few things I can still do with joy merit support of me? I hope you can  help me find a place for my voice and these gifts will improve a life more than you think.

Thank You Everyone,

Steven Schwartz
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This goal will instantly improve my life. I could replace my broken phone, get a reclining chair to write in and other small things which I need but would never get based on income alone.
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