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Hikers are the folks who pay what they can for an event they like and are interested in making happen, without you this event would be nigh-impossible to pull off, so thank you in advance! You'll have access to all online media as well as a sneak peak at upcoming Raincon activity and behind the scenes news, even some givaways!
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Squatch-Watchers are the observant and perhaps most dedicated wing of Raincon, they always get a chance to see exclusive material for the upcoming event in the design phase and a say in what happens there through exclusive polls! Without you this event would be extremely difficult to pull off, so thank you in advance!




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About Raincon!

Raincon is an event in Forks, Washington, where we celebrate geek culture with cosplay, games, comics, special guests, workshops, tournaments, and panels! Come and be a part of bringing this event to our county and city, experience Raincon, a northwest flavored comic book convention that exceeds the bounds that you expect. Come and experience it with our dedicated group of volunteers, and see if you can spot Sasquatch! Father's Day weekend in June (14th-16th) at the Rainforest Arts Center downtown in Forks!
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When we reach $100 per month we will be giving away some signed artwork, both online for all patrons as well as a drawing for originals! More details to come, suffice to say it will be awesome!
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