Raine Szramski is creating Comics, illustration

"Hmm. What's that, my boy?"

$1 /mo
Thank you so much! Even just $1.00 a month from many patrons would help keep me in brushes, pens, pencils and tubes of gouache. (Not to mention cat litter.) I thank you and my dog and cats thank yo...

"Oh my giddy aunt!"

$5 /mo
Along with the above, you'll be able to get high-resolution, watermark-free images by request. Let me know in a message which painting or illustration you would like a download of ...

"Reverse the polarity!"

$15 /mo
I will send you one signed postcard of your choice each month. It can be any of my fantasy paintings, Pre-Raphernalia, or even my Doctor

"Would you like a jelly baby?"

$25 /mo
 An art print of your choice! OR I will do a sketch of your favorite character (any fandom) and send you a high-res digital copy!

"Brave heart, Tegan."

$50 /mo
Your choice of any print or t-shirt !  OR I will draw you a character of your choice with a detailed background and send you a high-res version of it. (Any fandoms. Message me for more details.)

"Change, my dear. And not a moment too soon."

$100 /mo
All of the above, plus I will do finished art of your request! This will done in my fully painted, gray-tone gouache style! It can again be Pre-Raphernalia...