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About Rainforest Rising

Several years ago I decided to take action in the face of the ongoing destruction of our planet and resultant mass extinctions. First I identified global hotspots of biodiversity, then the keystone species in those hotspot habitats. Which key species need help most urgently? Then I contacted people around the globe who were already helping and brought together these friends and allies to create Rainforest Rising. Our mission: to regenerate forests, restore watersheds and the habitats of critically endangered species, and protect our home. All our homes.

How can we hope to plant billions of trees and restore endangered habitats quickly?

Answer: with drones.

Droneseeding brings vital new hope to reforestation. Developments in droneseeding software and technology make large-scale reforestation possible for the first time! First, mapping drones survey the topology in 3D and sequence an optimized planting pattern. Planter drones follow, dropping biodegradable seedpods with optimized nutrients, non-toxic pesticides and herbicides, and a germinated seed onto specified sites. The numbers say it all: five operators with 30 drones can plant hundreds of thousands of seeds in a single day. That's just one team. Imagine 50 teams. Imagine 500 teams! It’s going to happen. It has to.

Trees keep us all alive. They stabilize ecosystems. They cool the planet. They clean the air. They clean the water. They grow food, provide homes and protection to countless species, stabilize soil, and improve land. They absorb greenhouse gasses and create the oxygen we breathe. We don't need more conferences, discussions, or reports.

We need trees.

But governments everywhere are doing too little too late and far too slowly. Crowdfunding drone-seeding campaigns is the fastest way to restore trees and forests and we need your help. There is urgent need. All Patreon donations, 100% of every dollar, go to our goal of fielding fleets of droneseeders all over the world.

Drone-seeding is still new. We will encounter issues in the field that we will fix and continue moving forward. But we cannot delay because extinction is happening now. Global weirding is happening now. Drone-seeding is our best hope for the future of forests everywhere. Help us protect our only home. 

Be a giver, guardian, and champion for our planet. Join the Rising.


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