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About Rain in Sahara

Rain in Sahara is an international award-winning activist act that has performed internationally alongside globally renowned artists such as American hip-hop legend Mos Def, Switchfoot, Poets of the Fall, African reggae star Nasseman, and Malawian singer-songwriter Faith Mussa.

Rain in Sahara – as a socially conscious activist act – is highly focused on the climate and ecological emergency and works closely with global movements such as Transparency International, Fridays For Future, and Extinction Rebellion to leverage and catalyze action and change through music. Rain in Sahara tries to resonate with the huge number of young people who are aligning together across the globe to work on issues related to the climate and ecological emergency.

Tucked away in the northeast Indian corner near the Himalayas bordering Bhutan and China, Rain in Sahara fuses a huge and often experimental range of elements and instrumentation such as rock, hip-hop, trap, Indian and western classical music, electronica, reggae, and even Latin music into their sonic palette to create their signature sound. The band use their words and music to create engagement, spread awareness, promote dialogue and most importantly spread love for humanity and our planet. Branded as ‘music for change’, Rain in Sahara uses the power of music and performance to bring people together and ignite minds. Their original sound is a reflection of their experiences and understanding of the world.

For Rain in Sahara, music is the platform to engage audiences - especially the youth - on the most pressing challenges of our time. We focus a lot on combating climate change and fighting corruption in our music; but it is the combination of music, visuals and our conscious messaging that makes our performances musical demonstrations. Working at the nexus of music, activism and technology, we try to engage audiences and directly enable them at concerts to engage with amazing local movements and organizations to take action on the most pressing challenges of our time. We need your help to be able to fully focus on our creative craft and catalyze change through our art and performance.
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Our operation is currently fully DIY (and yes some of us in the group are certainly inspired by this DIY ethic from punk rock music)!

Everyone in the group has multiple duties to juggle: our video editing is done by our drummer, our keyboard/vocalist does our mixing and mastering, our bassist handles our live visuals, everyone is handling management and booking duties so if we can afford to hire a manager we can focus more on creating quality conscious music!
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