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This project will fund print runs of our Rainwolf Studios Artisan Shirts for our backers.It will also help support the artists, support a fundraiser and If we meet our funding goals, those designs will be available in possible future printings based on demand.
We are launching the project with twodesigns.We have additional designs that may be added as stretch goals.

Design One

Designed by Russell J. Hawley
Russell works as the Tate Geological Museum's Educational Specialist, Russell also gives tours, writes articles for the museum newsletter, and produces illustrations for the museum displays. His artwork has appeared in the America's Smithsonian anniversary traveling exhibition, in "Islands in the Cosmos: The Evolution of Life on Land" by Dr. Dale A. Russell, in "Oceans of Kansas" by Michael Everhart, and several issues of Prehistoric Times magazine.
The Rakka drawings are from the early 90’s and each drawing has a bio or bit of information about it that will be included with the shirt.
<figure><figcaption>The Khul-Chi</figcaption></figure>
The Khul-Chi will be printed on black or slate gray shirts. More color choices may be added if targets are met or requested by large percentage of backers.

Design Two

The Rakka Archer
<figure><figcaption>The Archer</figcaption></figure>
The Rakka Archer will be printed with black ink on a slate gray shirt or heather gray shirt. *note - The slate grey makes the black print a subtle shirt. The heather makes the design stand out more.
The Kickstarter Goal is 25 shirts for a limited run or 200 which is a minimum order to have shirts printed cost effectively. The Stretch Goals will help us reach our goals of supporting the artists and meet fundraiser goals.
Stretch Goals:
If 100 shirts are sold: Children sizes will become available.
If 200 shirts are sold: Additional color shirt choice will become available.
if 500 shirts are sold: Additional shirt designs will be added to choose from. *Fundraiser goal reached
if 1000 shirts are sold: Prints run on Hoodies will be available for purchase.
if 2000 shirts are sold: We will add in one free shirt to the Choice Pack
Your purchase dollars will support the production of the shirts, a percentage to the artists and a percentage to fund the fundraiser. Once the fundraiser has been fully funded, everything else will fund additional printings of shirts, optional printings of coloring books and calendars.
Info on the fundraiser: The fundraiser is for the artists and upgrades of computers in order to continue offering more at Rainwolf Studios.

Risks and challenges

Since we do not hand print the shirts on our own equipment, there is always a chance that we will run into issues or delays in the process. However we're working with Maple Leaf Screen Printing, who has done shirts for us in the past. Maple Leaf Screen Printing makes each screen and prints each shirt by hand and they have an excellent record for quality and on time delivery.
We've also built in extra time to our expected delivery window to cover potential manufacturing delays or postal holiday rush delays
We have had a lot of practice with mailing physical items to customers, so we know how to avoid the issues that sometimes plague Kickstarter fulfillment when it comes to shipping.

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